NameCharacteristicsTechnical data sheet
!Polyurethane glue, adhesive for thermal insulation!Polyurethane glueIcon
!Isocol, bituminous water-based adhesive for cold bonding
of insulation panels!IsocolIcon
!Pratiko Mastic, bituminous mastic for repairs, sealing and joins!Pratiko MasticIcon
!Pratiko Adesivo, bituminous cold bond adhesive!Pratiko AdesivoIcon
!LG45N Meiboom, spray glue based on latex rubber SBR!LG45N MeiboomIcon
!Millennium One Step™ foamable adhesive, elastomeric foamable adhesive, solvent free, for bonding insulation boards!Millennium One Step™ foamable adhesiveIcon
!Millennium Hurricane Force® universal sealer, universal sealer!Millennium Hurricane Force® universal sealerIcon
!Millennium Lockin' Pocket®, inter-locking flashing system!Millennium Lockin' Pocket®Icon
!Millennium LPS, elastomeric polyurethane sealant!Millennium LPSIcon
!Millennium One Step™ Battery Powered Applicator, !Millennium One Step™ Battery Powered ApplicatorIcon
Bitume Ossidato, complex mixture of organic compounds, predominantly of precious woodBitume OssidatoIcon