Pluvitec: polymer bitumen waterproofing membranes

Established in 1988 and still directed, by its shareholders, Pluvitec company is the result of intuition and experience of a large entrepreneurial and professional capacity in the field of waterproofing. The success deriving from an extraordinary ability in research and development, to offer solutions in step with the times, has transformed Pluvitec in a Leading company in this sector for its innovation, for its ability to transform their own production plants, for the research and development and for the introduction of innovative products and systems in the waterproofing fields of civil, industrial and roads infrastructures.

Application of PLURA R G200 re-roofing

This video shows the application stages of the membrane Plura R G200 Re-roofing. This product was specifically developed for re-roofing over existing mineral finished roofs.

Application of PLURA THERMO AD

This video shows the application stages of a warm roof with the following composition: Plura Thermo AD vapour barrier, insulation panel, Plura Thermo AD base sheet, cap sheet.


This video shows the application stages of the product Plura Thermo AD Mineral, product which is loose laid, the adhesion is given by the heat of the sun. This product is recommended for those structures and substrates where the use of open flame is not suggested.

Application of FLAMLINE expansion joint

This video shows the application stages of the Flamline expansion joint, a pre-fabricated element with excellent characteristics, depending on the maximum expansion that one wants to obtain.