Waterproofing composite self adhesive membrane

The bituminous PLURA SELF-ADHESIVE membranes are the arrival point of the latest generation of membranes denominated “composite”. These membranes are so defined because thanks to new manufacturing technologies it is possible to produce materials with differentiated waterproofing mass, which allow the optimal utilization of each components properties, satisfying the different requirements. The PLURA SELF-ADHESIVE membranes are capable of resolving specific application and functional requirements and present numerous and important advantages, such as ease of application with consequential savings on time and the possibility to apply the material on surfaces which are not suitable to open flame. Therefore PLURA SELF-ADHESIVE is insuperable in the waterproofing of wood structures, insulation panels which are heat sensitive, panel decks and refurbishment of historical roofs. Furthermore PLURA SELF-ADHESIVE can be used and allows the waterproofing of particular roof details (ex. bandaging of plastic tubes, etc.) and the possibility to also apply with the traditional application method of open flame or hot air, obtaining an exceptional level of adhesion. PLURA SELF-ADHESIVE guarantees a perfect level of adhesion to the application surface, providing the system with an excellent level of wind uplift resistance and allowing accidental infiltrations to be traced.