Waterproofing membrane with high reflective properties

VOLTAIKA is a prefabricated modified composite waterproof membrane, made with patented technology, having differentiated waterproofing compounds. The lower face waterproofing compound is composed of distilled bitumen with high characteristics of resistance to ageing and phase inversion, and ECB polymers having heavy molecular weight which confer superior characteristics of adhesion. The upper face compound is studied to give very high standards of impregnation and adhesion. These elements, integrating themselves, elate the exceptional quality of flexibility, lightness and adhesion of the VOLTAIKA membrane. The particular reinforcement used in VOLTAIKA, and particularly the woven fiberglass tissue, confer to the product exceptional dimensional stability and mechanical characteristics which cannot be found in our sector. Thanks to research and development of innovative solutions, VOLTAIKA is finished on the upper face with a special reflective film having a high coefficient of irradiated thermal energy (reflectivity) of the sun, but also a good capacity of yielding energy (emissivity) to the external atmosphere by radiating infrared. The particular structure and nature of the special film on VOLTAIKA assures a fire resistance which is classified according to the current norm ENV 1187 BROOF t 1, 2, 3. Furthermore, the innovative film allows for the recovery of rain water, maintaining unaltered the pH values and chemical characteristics.