SBS/CPB waterproofing membrane

Pre-fabricated waterproofing membrane made of distilled bitumen and elastomeric polymers SBS and CPB (blend of copolymer polyolefin’s) from metallocene catalysis polymerization, reinforced with a woven non woven single strand composite polyester, which gives the membrane high mechanical characteristics and excellent dimensional stability. The P version, on the upper face, has a woven non woven polypropylene finish which improves the walk ability and allows for immediate coating. The particular upper face finish has multiple advantages, of which:

  • improved aesthetics;
  • improved walkability on the membrane;
  • improved coefficient of friction, preventing slippages especially on sloped roofs;
  • easier to coat and time savings (can be done immediately after application) as well as aesthetics;
  • increased tear resistance. Very useful when mechanically fixing, as it increases the overall performance of the fixing of the washer (less deformation);
  • ease of application also of the overlaps whereas the polypropylene mat is perfect ably compatible with the waterproofing mass and actually increases the adhesion between the layers.
The PA versions are self protected on the upper face with mineral slates which reduce superficial heat absorption improving the durability of the membrane.