Refurbishment with new insulation,

1 Support: Concrete

2 Existing priming coat: Primer

3 Existing vapour barrier: Vapour barrier

4 Existing thermal insulating element: thermal insulating panel

5 Existing waterproofing system: Polymer bitumen membrane

6 Thermal insulating element: Thermal insulating panel mechanically fixed (EPS/PUR/PIR/RW)

7 Priming coat: !Primertec AD

8 Adhesive, connecting and sectoring element: Plura Thermo AD

9 Double reinforced corner: with membrane BPP P 4 mm > di 250 mm

10 Waterproofing element: Pratiko G200 Mineral + !Slate Fix

11 Double reinforced corner: Pratiko G200 Mineral + !Slate Fix

12 Finishing element: Metal flashing expansion joint with mechanical fixings and seal with !Pratiko Mastic