Waterproofing membrane fire resistant

Elasto-plastomeric prefabricated waterproofing membrane whose compound is composed of distilled bitumen, plastomers, elastomers and polyolefin’s (APAO) obtained from Metallocene catalysis polymerization, with molecular weight and selected tacticity. The PA versions are reinforced with a woven non woven single strand composite spunbond polyester fabric, offering very high mechanical characteristics and excellent dimensional stability. The waterproofing compound has a special inorganic and non toxic additive which confer to the product a flame retardant action. The PA versions are self-protected, on the upper face, with mineral slates which reduce superficial heat absorption improving the durability of the membrane. The self-protected versions have a lateral selvedge of 10 cm, and on request, a head selvedge of 15 cm to improve the adhesion between the sheets.