Composite waterproofing membrane for refurbishment of old waterproofing membranes

Prefabricated modified composite polymer-bitumen waterproofing membrane composed of distilled bitumen and differentiated waterproofing masses, specifically designed for use over old bituminous waterproofing membranes. The upper face compound is composed of distilled bitumen and elasto-plastomers while the lower face compound is composed of distilled bitumen and special polymers which provide particular characteristics of adhesion and workability. A special waterproofing mass is used to bond the upper and lower compounds. MAXITEC RE-ROOFING is reinforced with a woven non woven single strand composite polyester fabric, with very good mechanical characteristics and exceptional dimensional stability. The membrane is self-protected with mineral slates which reduce heat absorption and improve the durability of the membrane. MAXITEC RE-ROOFING PA has a 10 cm side selvedge and a 15 cm head selvedge which promotes the adhesion between the various sheets.