Sound insulation material for floors - impact noise

FONOTEC Top is an acoustic insulation in rolls with reduced thickness, consisting of 3 layers with different functions, assembled in production without use of adhesives. The first layer is a damping polymeric membrane being 1.5 mm thick, covered with a black polypropylene mat upper face finish, having tear resistance functions; the second layer is a 3 mm thick polyethylene mat, for the reduction of foot traffic noise; the third layer is a 3.5 mm polyester fiber cushion having low dynamic stiffness to boost the performance of sound insulation while limiting the risk of any acoustic bridges. The product is suitable for the reduction of impact noise in the horizontal partitions and comes with a special selvedge to facilitate correct installation. To ensure a perfect application, the selvedge allows for a continuous system and must be taped. Combined with Fonotec Top, always use the 5 mm side adhesive strips in polyethylene to achieve the connections with the vertical partitions.